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i am getting nowhere on this paper


i hate politics

Whelp, last night sucked

finally “finish” my speech outline at around 11:30, then realize I did the whole damn thing wrong.

Immediately start over.

Wake up early to finish.

I’m tired already and I haven’t even had my first class yet.

Goal -Survive until 3:15, walk back to dorm, nap until 4:30. Practice.


Then shower, and sleep.

….is there a reason why everyone and their mother has decided to ignore me today?



i didn’t realize i have no friends

I’m not sure if I’m really just that sore or if I tore a muscle lol

I highly doubt I tore it though. I mean, I’ve torn a muscle before so.. And plus we didn’t really do anything where it would be obvious if I had or hadn’t.

Nevertheless, it fucking hurts lol

i don’t want to go to classssss

I got too used to break okay.

Hi, I’m apparently just one big fuck-up.

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You know it’s sad when your bilbiography/works cited is 4 pages

and you’ve only gotten two pages written on your actual paper.


I hate this assignment.

and annotated bibliographies