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oh god my stepsister is being a little brat again

bitch you are 21 fucking years old get over yourself. 

I’m so sick of this house and just dealing with this shit. She asks questions, and then doesn’t like the answer she throws a temper tantrum. 

What are you, five? 

God can I beat my head against the wall yet?

I’m going to say something

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am i the only one who thinks it’s really immature for people in fandoms to say other fans “don’t belong” in the fandom for not liking every aspect of the series/whatever.

like so what if they dont care for an acotr that doesnt mean they can’t be in the fandom.

grow up people.

one thing I will admit to finding slightly irritating-

the sudden surge of loki fangirls just because of the avengers.

Now, no, it’s not that I’m like super possessive or anything. But really guys. Come on.

Don’t you know anything about Loki besides the stuff in the movie?


I’ve had people tell me that oh, they like him more for ___.

Child, I’ve been a fan of Loki’s since I was like 7.


Go read some Norse mythology please.

Then we can talk about Loki and levels of appreciation.

nothing is more irritating to me than people speculating about who is gay and who is not

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people piss me off

Okay. You know what. No.

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i am so disgusted right now

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Oh i just love it when everything I say makes my mom cry.


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